Update: Accused Child Killer Stabs Fellow Inmate

Covenant Hospital in Lubbock has upgraded the condition of stabbed Curry County inmate London Word from Critical to Stable.

Officials have arrested and charged fellow inmate Demetrio Salas for the stabbing.

Guards say Word was stabbed multiple times around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon.

Law enforcement officials were not informed of the stabbing until about six hours later.

At that point, the District Attorney's office, Clovis Police and the Curry County Sheriff's Department, seized control of the jail to conduct the investigation and collect evidence.

Control of the jail was returned to the Warden Wednesday.

Demetrio Salas is in the jail on charges in connection with the September 2005 shooting of 10-year old Carlos Perez. 

His brothers Edward Salas, 21 and Orlando Salas, 16 were also being held in connection to the shooting.

Clovis Trial Delayed
A trial is postponed for three Clovis brothers police say killed a ten year old boy. Authorities say the boy was shot in the head while he was asleep in his bed in September. The trial of 15 year old Orlando Salas, 19 year old Demetrio Salas, and 21 year old Edward Salas was scheduled for next...
Last Modified 01/05/2006 04:10:50 PM

Teen Pleads Guilty to Murder of 10 Year Old
A New Mexico teen will now spend the next five years in custody after pleading guilty to murder. 16-year-old Orlando Salas was on trial for September killing of 10-year-old Carlos Perez while asleep in his bed. He was sentenced this week after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit first...
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Wanted Child Killer Spotted in Clovis
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