Immigration: A Year In Review

Handling illegal immigration. It's an issue that's been thrust back into the spotlight this year.
    Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg kicks off an in-depth look at the top issues of 2006. 

6,000 strong marched in support of immigration rights on May 1st, instead of going to work or school.  They hoped the turnout emphasized that America is built out of immigrants. 
They also rallied on 'Not A Cent Day' in April, choosing not to spend money to prove how much the economy depends on immigrants.

Then in August the Klu Klux Klan demonstrated an anti-immigration rally on the steps of Amarillo city hall.  "We want all Americans no matter what color to stand up and demand our government close our borders."  There were counter protesters who vastly outnumbered and out-shouted the KKK.

All the while local, state and federal officials were trying to figure out how to control the border.
"We do not yet have full control of our border and we have yet to change that."

The only Bill to be signed into law by President Bush to secure the borders calls for a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. Other legislation on how illegal immigrants gain work permits, immediate citizenship and hiring undocumented workers remains under debate.

Which brings us to the recent raid at the Swift & Co. plant in Cactus where almost 300 employees were taken into custody under suspicion of working illegally or using stolen identities. 53 of them were criminally charged in a federal court in Amarillo - they are being held at the Randall County Jail.

One concern remains the children left behind. "I feel sorry for the daughter, I feel sorry for her, she's just trying to work and this happened.  Imagine what the daughter is going through."   

In a recent poll taken by the Associated Press, Americans voted immigration as the 3rd biggest problem in the United States. 

We will continue our year in review series Thursday on NightCast with a look into our Fugitive File for 2006.  Find out who police have nabbed and who is still on the run.