'Tis the season for Holiday Returns

The first day of post-holiday gift returns is a busy one for stores here in Amarillo.  Many stores extended their hours and have extra employees on hand today, to deal with returns and exchanges of those unwanted gifts. 

Some stores opened their doors at 6 this morning to deal with the rush of returns. Karen Reed is a Sales Manager at JCPenney. She told NewsChannel10's Tina Berasley "This is more of a hectic day because a lot of our customers have the day off and they want to get their exchanges and purchases done today, but were geared up for it and we know its gonna be there and we have every associate that's possible working today."

Even if you don't have a receipt at JCPenney you can exchange most gifts, but some more expensive items must still have the tags on them, preventing shoppers from wearing garments and then trying to bring them back.

Also, if you know you won't keep it, don't open it. Stores like Target charge a "Re-stocking Fee" for electronic items that are returned with open packaging.  Allen Boelter works in Guest Services at Target. He said "If you open your gift and you know its not something that you want just put it to the side and just bring it to the store the next day. Makes it a lot easier".

Some stores like Home Depot use a computer database to track a customer's returns. They swipe your driver's license every time you make a return and do not allow you to exceed a certain number of returns.

If you have any questions about a return policy, check your receipt or gift receipt.

Many stores outline their rules for returns or exchanges right there on the back, or on the company's website.