Domestic Violence Cases Up During Holiday Season

Holiday stress... money concerns... alcohol abuse.

They are all issues that can often lead to other problems in the home during this time of year according to Family Support Services.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin joins has more on the crimes the agency is seeing a spike in this season.

When the holidays hit the agency tells us it deals with a lot more cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.

"It's supposed to be a time that's really fun but for a lot of people it's increased pressure," says Christine Nusser.

Increased pressure to succeed... provide... and make ends meet financially.

"People just feel more stress over all the responsibilities," she says.

According to Family Support Services, cases of domestic violence are trending upward over the past three months.

In October, they dealt with over 330 cases.

11 more in November.

And by the time the new year rolls around the agency expects December's cases to be the highest of the holiday months.

Nusser tells us there are several under lying factors for the spike.

For one...

"When people are intoxicated they're more likely to engage in domestic violence," she says.

Alcohol abuse.

But there's also issues of control and anger...

Trends we are told that account for sexual assault crimes as well.

"Sexual assault is much more about power," says Nusser.

The agency says this crime also increases this time of year.

And to get to the root of this problem and domestic violence, they need you to report it.

You can do that by calling the Family Support Services 24-hour hotline at 374-5433.