Saddam Death Sentence Upheld

Iraq's highest court rejected Saddam Hussein's appeal Tuesday and said the former dictator must be hanged within 30 days for his role in the 1982 slayings of 148 Shiite Muslims from a town where assassins tried to kill him.

Iraq's national security adviser says an appeals court has upheld a "From tomorrow, any day could be the day" Saddam is sent to the gallows, the chief judge said.verdict to hang former President Saddam Hussein.

Hussein's lawyer appealed the ruling by a Three Judge Panel supported by the United States.

They sentenced Hussein to die after his first trial for the 1982 killings of 148 people in the Shiite Muslim town of Dujail.

Saddam ordered the death raids after an attempt on his life.

Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and two vice presidents must ratify the decision for the execution to take place.

Talabani opposes the death penalty, but in the past he has asked a vice president to sign an execution order on his behalf.

If the order is ratified, Hussein and his co-defendants must be hanged within 30 days.