Students Raise $3,000 For Teacher and Son

Some local students are proving that young kids can make a difference in someone's life. Students at Amarillo Montessori Academy just finished up with an amazing fund raiser. They were raising money for one of their teachers, Debbie Wheat, and her son Jack who also attends the school. Their home was in a fire about two weeks ago and while the house is still standing, almost everything inside was destroyed. When the students found out what happened they decided to raise money for the family. They held a bake sale and created something called helping hands. The students cut out paper hands and people bought them to represent a helping hand.  The students raised about $3,000 dollars to help repair the Wheat Family House.  Wheat says while this donation will help tremendously, they are still a long way away from having the house fixed and ready to move back in, but she says it's home and they'll find a way to keep it that way.

If you would like to help you can call Shelley Cunningham at Amarillo Montessori Academy at 353-3871.