Road Block Strands Truckers and Travelers

Hazardous road conditions across the panhandle and New Mexico have led to the closure of one section of I-40.

Newschannel 10's Tina Berasley  tells us what you expect out on the road tonight.

DPS has closed down I-40 between Soncy and Tucumcari drivers to find another plan.

Truckers like Dan Thomas can't carry their load any further so some will join him in camping out for the night. he and close to ten other truckers are parked in the Home Depot parking lot until they can continue travelling west bound. "The main thing about our job is stay I'd rather stay here and relax for the night and be able to get it there safe..."

Charlene Walker and family is traveling to Arizona from Arkansas visiting family for the Christmas holiday. They say they don't mind staying in Amarillo for the night. "We left a couple of days early to get some Christmas shopping done...but we're not in a hurry."

The inconvenience for these travelers is a boon to hotels, Cindy Covington works at a local hotel, "Most are coming from out of state...and it's been good hotel business but other than that we've been able to to keep them safe and provide some warmth."

There is no word tonight on when the Walker family and many others will be able to continue their travel on westbound I-40.