Police Work Dozens of Wrecks

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg continues our storm coverage from west Amarillo where police are working to divert the traffic at this hour.

Area police have been swamped with calls throughout the day and evening hours to work car wrecks caused in part by the severe weather.

We rode along with  police who were determined to stay ahead of the many accident calls. We try to bring in extra manpower early when we know the weather is going to be bad to handle the extra calls of traffic accidents.

Since 6 this morning police have worked close to 60 wrecks all over town. One involving a school bus. None of them were fatal, there were only reports of minor injuries. More than likely they involved speed, even if they were driving below the speed limit. "There is a charge for too fast for conditions sometimes we'll issue a ticket if they are in a wreck and it's proven their speed was a factor," says Corporal Hunter Webb.

Once at a wreck the job can get dangerous for officers trying to direct traffic. "A lot of times younger drivers who drive right past you in the lane you are trying to block, it's lack of experience," says Webb. There's potential for lots of accidents so they're prepared mentally and we'll try to get people home as quickly and safely as we can," says Corporal Jerry Neufeld.

And whether it is a safe night out on the roads is largely up to you. Corporal Webb added they often find inexperienced drivers get in wrecks in this weather, so they urge everyone to use caution.