Just Take Five

As you may know....the holiday season can make us all feel a little frazzled....but you can beat stress now and all year-round if you learn to take five. 

47 percent of Americans say they are concerned about the amount of stress in their lives. Taking a little time for yourself could reduce the levels of stress
making life a little easier.  

Phyllis Hicks is a busy psycho-therapist but she tries to give herself time each day to relax and regroup. "So to actually take five minutes and just be in touch with my breath, bring myself mindfully to the moment with an intention of relaxing, and being at peace, makes a huge difference."

Not sure how to do that? Dr. Jeff Brantley, is a psychiatrist with the Duke University Center for Integrative Medicine. He has written books on simple meditative ways to start and end your day.  "You feel a little happier, a little more relaxed."      that shift in thinking and feeling can reduce worries and anxiety."

Over time, stress can take a heavy toll on the body and may increase the risk of illness.

So five good minutes can be a little time well spent and go a long way.