Transportation Delays

Some flights and bus rides have been been put on hold because of the wintry weather. 
At the Greyhound bus station, all buses headed East and West of Amarillo have been cancelled. 
At the Amarillo Rick Husband Airport, there were only minor delays to Dallas this morning. 
As for cancellations, four flights did not take off.

Another bus service was also closed and that made it hard for some in Amarillo today.  

The Amarillo City Transit usually runs from six in the morning until seven at night, but today those hours were cut short. Buses were called back into the station at around eleven this morning because of the ice build up around town.  "It's a big decision to make because we know it impacts a lot of people so we make it carefully,""says General Manager, Judy Phelps.

There were no accidents but some close calls.  "We had a bus do a 360 on Soncy, had 9th street sliding backwards, also out on Eastern we also had one slide off the road," says Phelps.

Some local cab companies also chose to shut down for a few hours because of the icy roads.  "We decide to go ahead and say enough is enough because we don't want to take the chance with the passengers or cars or have any problems,"says Mike Yazbek of Yellow Cab. Cabs are also running behind because of the weather, but say its for the safety of everyone on the roadway.  "We definitely reduce our speeds, like today it's taking us an average of 40 minutes to get to calls when we normally would take 20, it's just not good business or smart to speed in this weather," says Yazbek.

Both the city transit and cab services say they will run unless the roads are not drive-able. 

You can call to find out if buses are running at the city transit at 378-3095.