National Guard on Standby in Amarillo

Members of the Texas National Guard are once again standing by in Amarillo to help out during this winter storm. 

Right now, fifteen men from across the panhandle region are in uniform and ready at the National Guard Armory off Tee Anchor Boulevard.

The Texas Department of public safety asked the guardsmen to be read at a moment's notice in case of any emergency they may come across during this storm.

Just hours ago they started putting chains on humvees in order to go and assist state troopers on the roads.

That could mean pulling stranded motorists off the road and transporting medical personnel in case of an emergency.

Specialist Doug Ecker of Amarillo says it is an honor to serve his community in this way, " Any time we can go out int he community and give back is a big honor. Being in the National Guard we have to be really versatile in what we do."

The Guardsmen anticipated being called out in this winter storm...they began calling their Staff Sergeant Tuesday afternoon to see if they would be needed. 

He tells us the men will be on duty at the armory on state orders through at least Thursday afternoon.

Guardsmen on Standby for Storm
The Texas National Guard is on standby right now to help out during this winter storm. Eight National Guardsman are on standby at the National Guard Armory off Tee Anchor Blvd,waiting to be called to action. Amarillo, Abilene and Weatherford are the three staging sites for the guardsmen....
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