Icy Roads Cause Dozens of Accidents

I-40 near Arnot road
I-40 near Arnot road

Several wrecks have resulted from the icy road conditions. So far in Amarillo, police say there have been 48 accidents.

DPS tells us there have been more than twenty wrecks, mostly on highway 136 north and I-40 west.

One of those wrecks was on I-40 near Arnot road.

The driver was headed west bound pulling a moving trailer...he rolled and ended up in the east bound lane. Our photographer found out on the scene that no one was injured.

Before you head out...you may want to check on other road conditions. Here is a list of numbers you can call.

Road Condition Numbers
Texas: 800-452-9292
Panhandle Area: 806- 468-1488
New Mexico: 800- 432-9292
Oklahoma: 405-425-2385
Kansas: 800-585-7623
Colorado: 303-639-1111

And Tx-DOT crews are out doing what they can to help keep you safe as you travel out on the roads.  They are concentrating on bridges, overpasses and ramps...areas which often become very slippery.  Vehicles continue sanding and de-icing in their seventeen county area, paying particular attention to the western and central parts of the panhandle.

They warn rural areas are also particularly dangerous...and plan to work throughout the night concentrating on  areas hardest hit by snow and ice.

Some crews will sit out the night in order to be ready for the snow expected tomorrow.