Stores Swamped By Shoppers

Worries about severe weather left stores packed with people buying food before the ice storm hits.

Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg spent much of the day at Market Street off South Georgia where customers swamped the aisles all day long.

It's been so crowded in here today, you'd think they were giving away money...the anticipation of the coming storm coupled with limited shopping days until Christmas brought people out in numbers.

Customers backed up check-out lines several people deep which is an unusual sight for a monday.

"I'm shocked, it's Monday, midday. Everyone is supposed to be at work there are no carts, they're shortstaffed," says Lori Williams, who ended up in lines longer than expected.

Staff from other departments to help sack groceries and carry out, even the Store Manager packed items.

"We're short because we weren't anticipating we'd be this busy, we have Christmas and the weather people are afraid it will be bad and they can't be getting out during the ice storm. I can't believe how crowded and stressed they are trying to keep up with business," says Dominic Abalos, who jumped in to help bagging.

Ham and turkey were hot items, right up there with ice melt.

"I've been here 6 years and this is the worst I've ever seen it, it's pretty busy," says Patricia Parades, a cashier.

We hear reports that things are just as hectic at the united at 45th & Bell employees are hoping it will die down soon.