One of the first rules of business is "find a need and fill it." , and 3 entrepreneurial women who are doing just that - by giving a jazzy make-over to a plain-jane medical garment. 

212-thousand, 290 cases of invasive female breast cancer will be diagnosed in American women this year.     As many as 25 % of breast cancer patients who have undergone surgery experience lymphedema, an accumulation of lymph fluid in the arm.

23-year-old Robin Miller and 36-year-old Rachel Levin  are young breast cancer survivors.

They developed lymphedema after their cancer treatment.
Rachel Levin says,  "in some respects, it was more devastating than breast cancer because it's it's permanent, it's incurable, it's not pretty and the the way that it's managed isn't pretty."

Lmphedema is excess fluid build-up that leads to swelling in the arm and hand.
Patients must wear a compression garment all day, every day. Robin Miller explains how the idea came about, "We were sitting in a doctor's office and talking about how horrible and ugly they were and we were kinda like you know someone should make these and then we were just like, well we could make these."

So they teamed up with fashion designer Kristin Dudley - and with the help of Drexel University, formed a company called "lymphe-divas." 

The result is colorful sleeves and gloves made from high tech fibers with unique design features. They're crafted to look good, feel comfortable and work better.

And Rachel and Robin bring a special perspective to the work because they are their own customers.

Levisn says that's why the idea has been a success,  "We really wanna make women who have this condition feel good about themselves and feel beautiful and we each embody
that in ourselves."

Women with lymphedema may have to wear a compression garment that covers that hand and arm to prevent excess accumulation of lymph fluid.