Former Cactus Employees sue Swift

DALLAS More a dozen former Swift employees are suing the meat packing company for 23 (m) million dollars --- alleging officials conspired to depress wages by hiring illegal immigrants.

The 18 former employees are legal residents who worked at the Swift meat packing plant in Cactus, north of Amarillo.

The Cactus site was raided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents along with facilities in five others states last week. Nearly 13-hundred employees were arrested in the multi-state immigration sweep that temporarily halted operations.

Dallas attorney Angel Reyes says the plaintiffs are victims in a longstanding scheme by Swift to depress and artificially lower the wages of its workers by knowingly hiring illegal workers.

Attorneys for the former employees filed a lawsuit late Friday against Swift and its owners, Dallas-based investment firm H-M Capital Partners. They contend Swift and H-M Capital Partners engaged in racketeering to manipulate commerce.

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