A Canyon Soldier Returns Home

A Canyon soldier who has been on the front lines in Iraq for more than a year finally returns home tonight, and Newschannel10's Tina Berasley was at the airport when he arrived.

The Weston family has been waiting patiently for months to see their son.

Sergeant Ben Weston's brigade was on their way home in August when they were placed on extended duty, fighting insurgents in Baghdad.

Before Sergeant Weston arrived his family was overjoyed that their soldier would finally be coming home.

His father Ben Watson Jr. said "I had a lot of close calls over there he had a lot of buddies...I'm just not sure I'm getting back the same young man I sent over there I'm getting back a man and we're just excited about seeing him tonight its been over a year".

That feeling is echoed by members of the Hardcore Motorcycle Ministry, supporters who wanted to be sure Sgt. Weston knew that his time served is appreciated back home.

Keith Burd said "I hope it sends a message to him that people really do care we don't want them to come home and face what they did with vietnam...we want the message sent out that we absolutely applaude them for their service and what they've done in protecting us."

While fighting the insurgent violence is a mission the Sergeant says he was proud to do, he is happy to be home tonight.

Sgt, Weston said "I didn't think I was gonna be home for Christmas again this year cause we got extended and everything but they got us out of there just in time, it's a good feeling to be home. Good feeling".

His father added "I'm just so proud of him because he had to be so brave to do that and he quite frankly is the bravest man i know...best Christmas present I've ever gotten, best Christmas present I've ever gotten".

Sergeant Weston will now enjoy an extended stay at home here in Canyon until at least the end of January.