Family in Federal Custody

Area families are having a hard time locating relatives in federal custody.

Newschannel 10's Julia Bagg shows us just how tough it is to get through to them. 

We'll call this woman 'Maria'... She knows authorities arrested her common law husband during Tuesday's raid... but she does not know where he is now. "He drove to work and I got out, he gave me a kiss and just said I love you, I'll see you when you come pick me up and I was like okay, that's it.  That's the last thing I heard from him."

She tells us he called her once briefly since his arrest, letting her know he was in an Alburqerque jail, but since then her phone calls to authorities have only come up with conflicting information. 

We wanted to know just how difficult it was to make contact with someone in custody, so we made calls with Maria.

After numerous calls, government authorities could not give us an exact location.

Several others we spoke to in Dumas haven't heard anything from their loved ones since the raids, and their phone calls have proved fruitless as well.

Some people who haven't heard at all from loved ones in custody turned to volunteers for help with making contact.