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How the Grinch Stole the Christmas Trees!

Some crooks are stealing the Christmas spirit away from a local tree lot.

They've made off with more than a dozen trees at the Troop 80 Tree Land this season...

And as NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin tells us the crime is leaving Boy Scouts stumped!

Volunteers at troop 80 tree land are watering Christmas trees...

Keeping them lush...

Prepping them for sales.

But the scouts may not be reaping the benefits of all this green.

"We do have thieves that come in and steal a Christmas tree," says James Spencer.

In fact, the lot has seen up to 15 firs disappear this season which costs them hundreds of dollars!

"It is shocking," he says. 

And the Christmas tree crooks have no shame...

They're doing it day or night.

One man went as far as having the guys who work here load a tree up on his truck but instead of paying he just sped off.

Crushing the Christmas spirit for the troops.

All the money made from the sales goes right back to help them.

"We provide a wide range of programs of camping and outdoor experience to go places to do things that most kids don't have that opportunity to," he says.

To hopefully turn this crime around...

They say Amarillo police patrol the lot...

But for the most part, they just rely on the public to do the right thing...

"Part of the meaning about Christmas is about kids too so we hope they think about that and they don't do that and instead come out and support us," he says.

And keep a Christmas tradition crime free.

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