Mailing Holiday Gifts Sooner than Later

If you have a present to mail to a loved one for the holiday's, the sooner you mail it the better.  
Next week is one of the busiest times of year for business like UPS. Newschannel 10 went to a local UPS store to find out how crazy it can get during this time of year.  The UPS store in Puckett Plaza goes through about 200-250 packages a day in the early and mid weeks in December. Those who work there say that's about double what they do on a normal day.  Next week they expect to get about 300 packages a day.   If you haven't mailed those goodies yet now is a great time because if you wait till next week you could have to pay more money to guarantee the package will make it to its destination before Christmas.

Dwayne Roberts is the owner of the Puckett Plaza Store and says his store not only packs wrapped gifts but will gift wrap them for you. If you have a very large package they will go to your home and pick it up if you would like.  This store also specializes in packing very fragile items such as china, crystal, or art work.   Roberts says they will also ship items to people in the military who may be overseas for Christmas. Here's something else this particular UPS store does, if you recommend it to someone and they go and buy $10 worth of something, they will contribute $5 of it to a needy child in Amarillo.