Some Swift Employees Bought I.D.'s

Twenty people arrested at the Cactus Swift plant as part of "Operation Wagon Train" were also charged with identity-theft related crimes.

Newschannel10's Tina Berasley tells us how some of them may have obtained new identities.

In the past, illegal aliens may have just created a social security number when they needed another alias, but federal agents have discovered what they call a new and disturbing trend. Criminals are now buying identities. 

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents raiding the Swift plant as part of "Operation Wagon Train" told us just how some employees got jobs at the meat packing company. 

Agent Leticia Zamarripa said "Through this investigation I.C.E. special agents learned that some people, whether they be homeless individuals, possibly people who are incarcerated they will sell their documents, will sell their identity to these criminal organizations who will in turn sell them to undocumented workers".

Newschannel10 went to the streets of Amarillo to see if anyone in our area would ever be tempted to make money off their legal documents.

Steve Sylvester is a homeless man living Downtown. He said "If they used my identification and I found out about it that would be the end of it. I'd prosecute them, I'd put them in jail, like I said that's not right.

James Grayson added "No, I wouldn't go that far...I knew some people that did, as a matter of fact when I was in El Paso some people asked me and I said 'My social security card? No way! I have a wallet full of identification and aint nobody gonna touch it". 

Agent Zamarripa mentioned that some illegal aliens have also bought their identities from prisoners. We checked with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and they tell us that at this time they are not aware of any inmates involved in an ID scam with Swift employees here in Texas.