Two Area Doctors Disciplined

Two local doctors have been disciplined by the Texas Medical Board. 

According to the state board, Dr. John Wesley Dorman (Obstetrics/Gynecology) of Amarillo agreed to undergo psychiatric evaluation after allegations of inappropriate behavior. 

Reports state Dr. Dorman acted inappropriately during an examination of two female patients.

The state board also disciplined Dr. Dorman in 2004 in Wichita Falls, according to the board, On December 10, 2004, the Board and Dr. Dorman entered into an Agreed Order issuing a public reprimand, requiring a boundaries course, additional CME in ethics and risk management, and assessing a $2,500 administrative penalty. The action was based on allegations that Dr. Dorman displayed a lack of sensitivity to patient modesty by making inappropriate comments during three physical examinations.

Also, Dr. Stephen Fredrick Elston (Internal Medicine)of Borger agreed to surrender his medical license after allegations that he signed blank prescription forms for narcotics.

Dr. Frederick also plead no contest to 3 felony counts of signing blank prescription forms.