ICE Suspects Day in Court

Tonight, about 40 of the suspected illegal workers are in the Randall County Jail. 

The suspects arrived there after going before a federal judge late this afternoon. The detainees arrived at the jail on a bus after enduring 4 hours in a courtroom in downtown Amarillo. 

NewsChannel 10 was the first on the scene as the suspects arrived at the federal courthouse.

Once the detainees were inside, the judge read them their rights and criminal charges.

Each are charged with knowingly possessing and using someone else's identification and false representation of a social security number.

After about 4 hours in court, the suspects loaded up on the bus and were taken to jail.

ICE agents tell us in all about 50 of the Swift suspects are being criminally charged.

And about 10 suspects detained at Border Patrol right now will be in court tomorrow.

NewsChannel 10 will have more for you tomorrow on the deportation process.