Moore County Economic Impact

Another unknown people are concerned about is how today's raid will effect the area's economy. 

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg has more on what area officials are speculating. 

At this point it's too early to know how this area will be impacted but many residents and businesses are bracing for the worst. 

An unknown amount of area workers were taken out of town by bus or van just after 4:00 today. Dumas Mayor Mike Milligan says he heard anywhere from 300 to 1-thousand.

Luis Aguilar, Mayor of Cactus expects every business throughout Moore County will be effected. He defended the city saying most people here are legal and hard working. "The town will be hurt, we don't know how much or what will happen after that."

But he is hopeful that Moore county will be able to sustain itself. "Depending on the number of people we lost it could have a big effect on our economy, there is no question about it."

Den Ngyun owns several apartment buildings in this area, he suspects many of his tennants were illegal immigrants. "This is going to terrorize my business we might as well shut this town down." He's convinced...he like several others will have to move away to make a new living.  "It's going to affect all businesses because they are mom and pop. All the money we make comes back to this town."

Mayor Milligan estimates ten to 20 percent of dumas residents who work in cactus may be affected. He even predicts the raid will prompt beef prices to rise.