Cactus Residents React to Raid

The whole town of Cactus was shocked this morning when immigration services came to town.

NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente has more on how the town is reacting to the immigration raid. community members stood across the street from the Swift plant for hours waiting to find out if their loved ones were being deported. 

We spoke with several residents today who were shocked... confused...and frightened by the immigration raid.

All the people we spoke with say they have never been through an experience like today.

April Hernandez saw her loved one taken away; "I'm really upset, I'm scared...I just hope they let him go and come back home to me..."

Maria Najera says she is glad she was born here, but still feels for her fellow hispanics targeted by today's raid; "People will be with out jobs. Christmas is just around the corner...alot of broken hearts for the kids...I feel for my people."

For now many of the residents say they will have to wait to find out were the friends and family end up.