Lack of Information Frustrating Hedley Parents

They thought they'd get an answer tonight reguarding allegations against the Superintendent of Schools in Hedley... But parents went home with no more information as they had before the school board met to discuss the issues this evening.

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg went to Hedley to find out how the parents are reacting...

After the meeting was adjourned two parents made their frustrations with the situation clear. They want to know what is going on and they weren't afraid to ask the board president while our cameras were rolling..

"We just want to know what's going on," says Connie Wheatly, a mother of 2 students at Hedley schools.

Parents expected to know how the school board was handling allegations against Superintendent Brian Hill which involved the use of his computer.

"All we are doing as moms and parents is seeking information. There is no information that's been given to us," says Wheatly.

What we do know is officials with Region 16 Education Service Center conducted an investigation into the school's computer system...and gave those results to the board. Although a decision based on those results was expected to be released tonight during a special Hedley ISD board meeting, they weren't.

"For the interest of the school and the community, we didn't feel we had enough information to make a finding tonight," says Hedley School Board President Cary Don Neeley.

Instead school officials say they will continue to investigate so no stone is left unturned.

Several parents who attended the meeting say they are content knowing the investigation will be thurough, while others are bothered they have to continue to wait.

"It's the process of closed board meetings when is it gonna be open...when do we get to know whats going on?" asks Wheatly.

Bryan Hill will remain Superintendent until a decision is made.

Neeley could not give any kind of timeline as to when that will happen.