Clearer Contacts

There's a new contact lens on the market, yet few people know about it.

Experts say they allow more oxygen into the eye, allowing patients the chance to try contacts again, even if they've failed in the past. 

34 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses.  About 30.5 million Americans have myopia, or nearsightedness and 12 million have hyperopia, or farsightedness.

Cristina Valdes loves wearing contacts. But she suffers from dry eyes, and lenses only make it worse. "I was putting drops in all day long on a brand new pair of contacts which is very frustrating."

If this is your problem, relief may be in sight, thanks to a new generation of soft contacts.  They're called silicone hydrogels.

The silicone component allows the lens to breathe more and gets more oxygen to the eye.
Valdes says "I can wear them all day long from morning till late night, and my eyes still feel refreshed. They feel moist and I don't have to put eye drops in." 

The added moisture also helps patients see better..and feel better. Contact lens specialist William Winegar says the newer lenses offer wearability to patients who may not have been able to wear contacts before.  "Those patients who have previously tried contacts even as early as two to three to four years ago and didn't have a positive experience should re-enter the contact lens field and consider some of the newer generation materials."

People with sever vision problems or extreme astigmatism may not be good candidates. For for patients like Christina, these clearer contacts are a perfect fit.