Kennels Booked for Holidays

You may have your holiday travel plans in place...

But if you haven't found a place for Fido to stay you may have a tough time making accommodations...

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin called around and found out several of these businesses are booked.

One told us they have a waiting list that's 3 pages long!

So if you're thinking about getting someone else to take care of your pet, you better hurry, because your options may be running out.

"Animal Lodge this is Michelle."

The Animal Lodge has only been open for four months.

They care for dozens of dogs everyday and are definitely feeling the holiday rush.

"No I'm sorry we're totally booked for Christmas."

As you can see this kennel has a long waiting list just like several others we spoke with leading a lot of pet owners to try other options.

Like a pet sitter.

Kathy Martin has received calls from pet owner procrastinators who've been turned down at kennels.

"They'll call me and they're very anxious and upset because their at their last end," he says.

But if you need her for Christmas...

"I have over 20 this year"

You too may have to wait in line...

She's visiting nearly two dozen homes.

"I take the pet I'll either walk them if the owner has asked me to I'll clean the cat box or do whatever they want me to do," she says.

If you're pet is not on her to do list...

Or being pampered at a kennel both pet professionals tell us you may have to turn to a neighbor or a friend...

And learn your lesson for next time around.

"It's best to book early as early as possible so that you can ensure your dog gets the best care he can and you can go on vacation without worry."

We made some extra calls to kennels this afternoon.

A few had some openings.

So if you need to book your animal in a kennel you should get on the phone first thing in the morning because spots are filling up fast.