"No Justice" in Pinochet's Death

Jose Carrillo fled Chile for Amarillo
Jose Carrillo fled Chile for Amarillo

News of ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's death has sparked celebration and relief among people in Amarillo who once lived under his rule.

Thanks to help from charity organizations, Jose Carrillo's family fled Chile and Pinochet in 1976 and resettled in Amarillo.

He says they left after his father was tortured for opposing the Pinochet regime.  

Carrillo laments the dictator's death does not quite bring closure to an era of suffering. 
"When you got a dictator like that you still got more people that helped him out and justice you know, we try to look at justice, was justice done and in reality no justice wasn't done."

Pinochet was accused of human rights abuses during his 17-year rule but never stood trial.

He died Sunday at 91 suffering a heart attack.