Blasts Concern Residents

Loud sounds resembling an earthquake or even thunder have been heard across the area over the past several days. Newschannel10 has taken many calls from concerned residents wondering what they are and where they come we investigated the source.

The NC10 team called county officials, local businesses and military bases all around the area....and we ve been calling around the area for several days.

We found a demolition site where crews were using dynamite to explode areas of a rock explanation that eased the mind of  homeowner Shaw Bruse who heard a series of blasts about twenty miles away. "The first one caught me off guard so I didn't really pay much attention but the second literally shook stuff in the could see the windows move."

The demolition company assures us their equipment and methods are perfectly legal...and that they had no idea the blasts were being heard and felt in other parts of the area.