High Plains Food Bank in a Food Crunch

Every day, scores of people in the Texas Panhandle rely on the High Plains Food Bank to feed their families.

But some of them could go hungry if more donations don't start coming in.

Food banks across the country are caught in a shortage right now.

We first told you about Eastern New Mexico's food crisis Thursday on NewsChannel 10 at 6...

After that, we went to find out how bad the shortage is here in Amarillo.

"We are concerned about the amount of food that we have now," says Janie Singleton.

"We have not gotten near the USDA product that we used to get," says Zack Wilson.

And the food bank relies heavily on that USDA product to help feed families.

"We used to get bonuses of milk and the salmon and tuna and we're not getting those things this year," says Singleton.

Not getting them because congress isn't forking out any additional funding to purchase that product.

Another reason...

"A good portion of the pounds that we used to get are now being diverted to feed the troops in Iraq," says Singleton.

It's been about three years since the food bank has seen shelves this bare. In fact, they're down 1.3 million pounds of donations compared to this time last year and that's putting hundreds of people who rely on these meals at risk of going hungry.

So now, the food bank is relying on you to help stock its shelves.

"It's just a simple as bringing a grocery bag two grocery bags of food if everyone in the city were to do that we'd be overwhelmed with food which is an absolutely great thing that we need to do," says Wilson.

To help out you can drop off goods at the food bank at 9th and Ross Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Or call 374-8562 for more information.