Cough Syrup High

Teenagers are creative when it comes to getting high, now something that could be found in your home this time of year is being used.    

Cough syrups and cold remedies are being used in large and unsafe doses. Sometimes referred to as "Robotrip" after Robotussin.  A six ounce amount of a cough and cold medicine is equal to around 6-recommended doses, but when teens are taking it to get high, they sometimes will drink more than one entire bottle at a time.  Some even tell us up to eight bottles at once. 

Pharmacies say it's hard to tract how many teens are abusing this because it's legal over-the-counter.  However, they warn if you overuse on these products you could damage your liver, brain even have seizures. 

The label clearly says this will cause serious consequences if not taken properly.  

It can also affect your personal life as one local man shares with NewsChannel 10's Felicia Lafuente his past addiction to cough syrup. 

T.J. McVay came down with a cold and took cough syrup, he never expected to become addicted.  T.J. McVay looks like any other 24-year-old. 
He graduated from Tascosa High School, went on to West Texas A & M University and earned a degree in computer science, but there are some things in his life he is not proud of. "...Told other people hey here's how we can get high, it's weird thing, no one ever says anything about it," says McVay. T.J. used cough syrup for more than four years to get high since it was perfectly legal to buy and easy to find. 

That's where the problem lies, anyone can walk into a pharmacy, pick up a bottle of cough syrup without any questions being asked. "Don't think of it as drug, it's overlooked. If it where more of prescription, it can be more recognized people buying NyQuil," says McVay.

T.J. finally stopped using cough medicine after one terrifying night.  "Dating a girl, we were drinking NyQuil, got in an argument, she was drinking NyQuil like crazy, she was depressed and ran into the bathroom and tried to kill herself." 

You can still find some cough medicine in his cabinets, but he says he doesn't abuse it and hopes others will become more aware of this hidden problem.