"Freedom Calls" Keep Military Families Connected

One Amarillo family spent a half hour talking to a Marine Captain in Iraq...and sharing a smile as well.
       Newschannel10's Tina Berasley tells us about a technology that helps families connect across the miles. 

Jason Freeby is serving his country half a world away in Fallujah, Iraq.

His family here in Amarillo was able to set up the videoconference free of charge through AT&T and the "Freedom Calls" Foundation...a public charity who arranges these meetings with families coast to coast.

Captain Freeby returned to Iraq about a month ago...his brother Shawn says the opportunity to both see and hear the Captain has an extra special meaning this time of year. "In some cases morale is down, its holidays a lot of those men and women are away from their families right now so this is a great time for them to get some kind of video interaction with them so its pretty exciting."

And Captain Freeby thinks it pretty exciting too; "Its pretty amazing to think I'm out here in Fallujah Iraq and they're in Amarillo Texas, and we can have a conversation. It adds some more realism to what otherwise would just be a phone call. "

The "Freedom Calls" Foundation helps military families in the states connect with their loved ones at active duty camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, South Korea, and Japan.

The Foundation is authorized by the Secretary of the Army to provide communications services to troops and their families. For more information on the Foundation and what you can do to help visit their website at www.freedomcalls.org.