Protect Yourself From Car Burglars

Every year at holiday time we are warned not to leave valuables in our car while we shop. 

But today at Westgate Mall NewsChannel10's Tina Berasley and Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate found many drivers who still take the risk...

Packed parking lots mean more targets for thieves. Sheriff Shumate to tell us how to think like a avoid being a victim.

"Don't leave anything out there... be smarter than they are make them work for it.  They're looking for the target with the least resistance and the most opportunity, so what we need to do is maximize safety and minimize their opportunity."

Packages of already purchased items, electronic gadgets and even wallets were left behind...easy money for thieves looking to make a profit off an unsuspecting driver.

Sheriff Shumate says if you do have to leave something in the car cover it up...because if a thief  can't tell what's under a coat or blanket most will move on.

"Think like a crook... don't make it easy for them. They're looking for you to leave something for 'em don't be stupid yourself think smart. "