Insufficient Evidence in Potter County Investigation

Potter County District Attoney has announced the Grand Jury has found insufficiant evidence to purse charges in the Road and Bridge Investigation.

The investigation dealt with whether Potter County employees had used county equipment for personal use.

A dispute between the Road and Bridge employees and the Potter County Sheriff's department ensued as a result of the investigation as Road and Bridge employees alleged heavy handed tactics from Sheriff's deputies.

NC10's Jennifer Best will have more on this story tonight on NightCast.

Sheriff 's Dept. Accused of Harassment, Retaliation
Employees with the Potter County Road and Bridge Department say Sheriff's Deputies are harassing them about a job done more than a year and a half ago. They say between September 11 and 14th about seven workers were called in for questioning about a project. Roger Cumpston, Head of the...
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Shumate Responds to Allegations
Potter County Sheriff Mike Shumate is defending his deputies after county employees claim they were harassed during an investigation into one of their projects. Newschannel 10's Marissa Bagg breaks down both sides of the issue. The Texas Rangers have taken over an investigation into the...
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Accused Employees Seek Outside Help
New details have surfaced in the investigation into a Potter County Department accused of using county equipment for private gain. Outside attorneys representing the Potter County Road and Bridge Department flew in from Austin to council the employees under investigation. Workers were...
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Unpaid Bills in Road & Bridge Dispute
Potter County commissioners will continue to be represented by an outside law firm regarding an investigation with the Potter County Road and Bridge Department, but who pays the attorney bills is still up in the air. After hiring an Austin law firm nearly two months ago, Potter County...
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