Private Troy Cooper Remembered

Weldon Cooper, Troy's Father
Weldon Cooper, Troy's Father

The parents and wife of a local soldier killed in the line of duty sit down with NC10's Jim Pope to remember their hero and ours... A son a brother and husband.

21-year-old Army Private Troy Cooper. A hero who died fighting for our freedoms.

A proud father...supportive of his young son...a son he tried to talk out of joining the military...but Private Cooper insisted he protect our country. "We were very proud...very proud of him.. he was always a good boy and he turned out to be a good man."

Troy's mother Janet wants people to remember what a good person her son was; "I want people to know that Troy was a giving person there wasn't anything he wouldn't have done for anybody, and he gave it all..."

On April 28, 2006, Troy became a husband.

For his wife Leslie, the loss in all encompassing. "He was my best friend, my husband, he was my everything... "

From here on in, our country will remember a young hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms...

But a young wife will remember her loving husband who was taken from her far too soon.

"He was so family oriented, his one goal in life was to have a great life and a great family and we were working on it...he just didn't get that chance. "

No funeral date has been set yet for Private Troy Cooper.