Toddler Hit by Car

A two-year old has been hit and run over by a car... According to paramedics, the toddler is being transported by Lifestar to Northwest Texas hospital....

At this time we do not know where the accident happen and other details are limited...we do know the car reportedly drove over the head of the young child.

We will bring you updated information as soon as details become available.


We have new information today on a story we have been following since Tuesday afternoon. 

As we first told you, Life-Star was bring in a small child who had been run over by a car, today we have learned the accident happened in Stratford.

According to the 69th District Attorney's office, a three year old boy was playing outside an apartment building when he crawled under a car to retrieve a toy.

That's when officials say the driver of the car who was not aware of the child back over his head. 

The boy remains in intensive care today, no word on his current condition.

The case is still under investigation.