No Smoking For Texas Foster Parents

New smoking rules for Texas foster parents will soon be in effect. 

Beginning January first, Texas foster parents will not be allowed to smoke in front of foster children in their homes or cars.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services decided it was time to put a smoking ban in place because of the dangers of second hand smoke.

One local foster family already  made the decision five years ago to not allow smoking in their home but feel some will not be able to adjust to the new rules.  "I think it will have an effect because there's people out there who are going to think you can't tell me what to do in my home or in my car," says foster parent, Dee Spears.  "It could because some people are so addicted to cigarettes and their comfort zone of smoking, they wouldn't want to give up for kids," adds foster parent Pam Porter.

Not only do Dee and Pam only smoke outside of their home, they are also teaching their children valuable lessons. "My momma bear tells me never to smoke and I always listen....why is it bad to smoke?...because it can kill you," says five-year-old Toby John Ingram Spears.  "They should always have a little house to smoke in so it can protect the kids from not getting smoke," says Toby.

Caseworkers will keep an even closer watch on foster parents to make sure they are following the smoking rules.

If they do not obey, the children could be taken out of the home.