A Salvation Army Success Story

As the local Salvation Army welcomes more people seeking shelter from the cold... One volunteer who greets them knows where they've been.

NewsChannel 10's Julia Bagg explains how that volunteer keeps others warm at the same place he went for help just months ago.

Randy Louallen is now on track for a career in the kitchen. Four months ago he was out of a job, and on the street.

At the Salvation Army, he found shelter, an education, and a future. "This place taught me to stay in one spot, to be a man to accept the situation, and it's helped me alot."

If it weren't for the winter storm he'd have his food preparation certificate in hand. While graduation is postponed, he's handing out meals and encouragement to those escaping the cold.  "I just tell 'em to keep their head up. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

Even more people showed up for shelter last night..and in the freezing temperatures, no one is turned away.

The Salvation Jim Waller tells us they are prepared to take on the extra load.  "When we have an influx beyond the normal level, which is 35-40 45-50, we're prepared for it on any given night."

Extra people also means extra meals..That's where Randy Louallen and his serving skills come in handy. Dishing up food for the body and sharing the same refreshment for the soul he found himself under the Salvation Army's roof. "Each three feedings that we do, I tell them I say, good evening, enjoy your meal, God bless you."