City Snow Removal has Hefty Price Tag

To help keep you safe out on our roads after our first snow storm of the season, the City of Amarillo spent almost fifty thousand dollars in 24 hours, and counting. 

That $48,693.71 was spent in several different categories from Wednesday at midnight to Thursday at midnight and its almost as much as they spent all last winter. 

The city breaks down the money into 4 sections; repairing equipment, snow removal by plow, salt and sanding and chemical de-icing. 

The salt and sanding was the most expensive category, it required almost 325 manhours and 26 thousand dollars worth of materials.

City Snow Storm Costs, First 24 hours

Repairing equipment    $2,033.76
Snow Plowing               $8286.08
Salting and Sanding    $35671.12
Chemical De-Icing       $2702.75
Total                          $ 48,693.71

Chris Mitchell is the Street Superintendent for the City of Amarillo."For the people to mine the salt and to transport it to our location, with those fuel costs and everything we've experienced not only in salt but all of our maintenance materials have significantly increased this year". 

The city spent over 59 thousand dollars last year in the winter of 2005 to 2006...and over 182 thousand dollars the year before. 

Mitchell added every salt-spreader as well as plow and overpass de-icer was used during the first 24-hours of the arctic blast.

Many of those vehicles are still on the street taking care of dangerous areas...causing that price tag for our first winter blast to go up.

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