Maintenance Mayhem

Pipes freezing, heaters shutting down.

After a couple of nights of cold winter weather, scores of people are left dealing with these problems.

The snow may be soaking in but as we found out today service calls are just now heating up.

Josh Robbins heading up stairs to fix a heating unit.

It's just one of several calls he's responding to today.

"Whenever it gets nice and cold you can expect a lot more calls," he says.

Freezing temperatures led many to crank up their heaters.

But many found out the hard way that wasn't going to work.

"They tend to give up on their last leg at a weak point," he says.

People also found themselves in another kind of jam.

tThe Cato's started having pipe problems last night. One of their kids was showering when all of the sudden...

"The tub starting to gurgle and make some noises," says Tim Cato.

The family's bathrooms became filled with gunk after the tub and toilet started backing up.

"I couldn't even describe the stench," he says.

And because all of the frozen pipe and heating troubles around the area...

It took hours to get a technician to their home, putting a plug in daily operations.

"I need to be at work and cant get to work because I cant take a shower," he says.

He played the waiting game like so many others as technicians hustle to get these dilemmas under control.

A lot of businesses are booked solid well into next week with these types of calls.

One of the things you can do to keep your pipes from freezing is open your cabinet doors at night so heat can flow in.

Also check your heating unit every month and your air filter to make sure they are clean...