Greyhound Grounds Buses in Amarillo

Roads may be open, but one bus company still stays its dangerous to drive. So about one hundred people are stranded in Amarillo at this hour. 

NewsChannel 10's Marissa Bagg joins has more details on those who have to stay overnight. 
Forty people are getting cozy inside the Central Church of Christ tonight, just happy to have a warm place to stay and food to eat. 

At about noon today, Greyhound decided to keep people in Amarillo until the road conditions improve in Oklahoma and New Mexico.  And for many people that means no ride out until tomorrow. 

Many of these people have as far away to go as California. Like Phyllis Harrison of Gilroy. Although this puts a wrench in their arrival plans, they are in good spirits.  "I'm 66, it's inconvenient because I have things to do at home, but mother nature does her thing. "

At 4 o'clock the passengers arrived at the church, signed in with the Red Cross and had something hot to eat.  For Dave McLemore, it was a welcome surprise.

"I've never had the Red Cross help me but I m glad they're here today because I needed it today."

Although this is a bump in the road for the passengers, they understand it s out of their hands.

Greyhound says it s been 3-4 years since mother nature has forced them to find shelter for passengers for the night. They hope after a good nights rest everyone will be on their way home by late morning.

  Update: After an unexpected stop in Amarillo, Greyhound bus passengers are on their way to their final destination.
   Because of the dangerous road conditions Greyhound decided to stop several buses in Amarillo.
   The Central Church of Christ offered the stranded passengers shelter and food Thursday night.
   Everyone was gone by noon today.