Guardsmen on Standby for Storm

Sgt. Cordova
Sgt. Cordova

The Texas National Guard is on standby right now to help out during this winter storm. 

Eight National Guardsman are on standby at the National Guard Armory off Tee Anchor Blvd,waiting to be called to action. 

Amarillo, Abilene and Weatherford are the three staging sites for the guardsmen. 
The Department of Public Safety activated the unit around 24-hours ago. The men came from towns across the panhandle and spent the night here at the armory. 

Sgt. Norman Cordova of Tulia is glad to be ready to help; "It feels good knowing they can count on us to help them out if they need help with natural diasaters or floods or snowstorms whatever the case may be we can't predict what mother nature is gonna throw upon us so we gottta be prepared."

DPS' emergency management division could ask the guardsmen to handle any snow-related emergency that comes their way....they are prepared to stay here at the armory through tomorrow.