TxDOT: Road Conditions

The Departments of Transportation in Texas....Oklahoma....and New Mexico are urging all drivers to take precautions when driving.

In Oklahoma, officials are considering all major interstates and highways hazardous and drivers should use extreme caution.

Although snow was plowed off highways and roads throughout the day... It is now re- freezing and forming black ice.

If you have to drive in this weather, officials with the Department of Transportation ask you to take caution...slow down, and buckle up.

Before you set out it's a good idea to check current road conditions:

Texas: (800) 452-9292, Texas Panhandle Area: (806) 468-1488, New Mexico:(800) 432-4269, Oklahoma: (405) 425-2385, Colorado:  (303) 639-1111, Kansas: (800) 585-7623