City Prepares for Snow

To help keep you safe on the roads during the upcoming winter storm the City of Amarillo is doing the final checks on it's snow-fighting equipment.

Although this first storm of the season may only drop a few inches of snow, the City of Amarillo's street maintenance department is prepared for anything. 

One-thousand tons of a salt sand mixture is on hand in large covered stalls at the city's central service center. Twelve box spreaders of different sizes are available to patrol the city's streets and overpasses during this first snowstorm of the season.

Supervisors like Chris Mitchell will begin monitoring the situation this evening...relying on other sources to help decide just when to roll out that equipment. 

"We also have some people who are running the street sweepers at night they kinda watch too as they see a freezing conditions and they'll notify us and then we also have the police department that notifies us if they start having some accidents and start witnessing some slick conditions."

Mitchell says the department begins preparing it's equipment in October in case the city has an early fall storm. 

Snow plows are also available for heavier amounts of snow... But the city has not needed them in over two years.