CAFB F-16 Crashes in Iraq - Pilot Not From Cannon

The pilot involved in a fighter jet crash in Iraq was not from Cannon Air Force Base.

That's the latest word from base officials after a Cannon F-16 went down Monday.

NewsChannel 10's Blaire Arvin has been gathering the latest details into the investigation.

We can tell you all of Cannon's pilots are accounted for.

But right now, the pilot involved in the crash is no where to be found.

Monday 1:35 p.m. Baghdad time.

A Cannon Air Force Base F-16 jet goes down while supporting ground troops in the city.

"There is no indication suggesting the plane was shot down," says Maj. Gen. William Caldwell.

Military officials say insurgents arrived at the crash site before U.S. soldiers could get there.

"For now the Air Force has officially classified the pilot as duty status and whereabouts unknown," he says.

And at this time Cannon can not release the identity of the pilot to NewsChannel 10...

"There is an investigation board that has collected samples at the crash site and as soon as that is available that will be put out to you ... this is a tragic event and of course everyone at Cannon is affected we are such a tight knit community we pray for everyone and hope for the best," says Captain Rebecca Garcia, with Cannon Air Force Base.

We're told it isn't uncommon for officers to fly aircraft belonging to other bases.

But once a pilot does use the aircraft they become apart of that squadron's mission.