Local Stores Prepare For Winter Weather

Local retailers have been keeping up with this week's winter weather forecast and are making sure they have everything you need to stay warm. 

"When we see there's a cold front coming in like there is right now, we've ordered a few days ago so we have products ready to come out to keep it full," says Ken Broxterman, Assistant Manager of Wal-Mart.

To help customers get the winter items they need such as heated throws, mattresses, and blankets, stores are making sure they are easy to get to. "We've actually started converting some of Christmas items over to cold winter items, that's what people are going to be looking for the next couple of days so we want to make sure that it's right in front of the customer, ready to grab and continue shopping," says Broxterman.

Shirley and Bernie Belknap, who own an R-V park, are making sure not only will they be warm, but so will their customers.  "Basically getting things for our water systems, protect them from the freezing that's coming. We work at Sun Down RV resort here in Amarillo and campers are going to be frozen up if they don't get prepared and we came to get things personally, weather stripping and covers for the water faucets, basically things to get set up for winter. We thought better do it today just in case tomorrow was bad," says Shirley Belknap.

No matter how you plan to stay warm---space heater or fireplace---local fire officials want to remind you to follow directions.

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