Elementary Principal Wants County to Change Directions

One local elementary school wants to continue making sure students are dropped off and picked up safely by changing the direction of a street in front of the school.

Rolling Hills Elementary School wants to turn Western Grove into a one-way street to help control the flow of traffic, but Potter County Commissioners are not sure if that's the best solution. 

The school's principal asked county commissioners today to allow turning Western Grove into a one-way street during school hours.  "In the mornings, for about 15-20 minutes we have a pretty major congestion starting at where cherry and Western Grove meet through the back, dropping off and picking up kids," says Principal Doug Rawlins.

Traffic started building up when the school began expanding three months ago. They've gone from less than 600 to more than 700 students, which in turns means more parents dropping off and picking up their kids.

The school needs help from commissioners to purchase and install new traffic signs, but commissioners are concerned this may not be the best solution. "So it can be confusing for motorists or motorists that venture into the area that normally don't live there or go there, they might be unaware of those time changes even though the signs would be there. Typically, motorists don't notice signs immediately and that takes time," says Potter County Commissioner Joe Kirkwood.

So the commissioners asked the principal and the Potter County Sheriff's Department to make a decision that would be best for the school, community, and children. "We just want to make it better for the kiddos, safety of the kiddos, quicker for the parents, whole community, our school community have a better transfer to and from school in the mornings and afternoon," says Rawlins.

Commissioners will hear from the school and sheriff's department at the next meeting on December 11th.