Area Schools to Go Through "Gunman" Drill

Several law enforcement agencies will take part in a drill at Pampa High School this week. 

Pampa police along with the Department of Public Safety and Gray County Sheriff's will have a surprise drill at the school to test emergency response in the event of an armed intruder.

The actual day and time of the exercise is being withheld to provide an element of surprise to officers and school staff.

All other schools in the community will go into lockdown in order to test their emergency.

Earlier this year 6 girls were killed by an armed gunman who took them hostage inside a public high school in Bailey Colorado, and in a seperate incident less than a month later a gunman killed 5 girls and severly wounded several others in an Amish school in Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

These incidents have lead schools around the country and in our area to begin establishing more elaborate emergency procedures.

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