Bushland School Zone in Place

Some area high school students are getting help from flashing lights for the first time on campus. 

Following nearly four weeks of delay, Tx-DOT installed temporary school zone signs today at Bushland High School.

The solar-powered flashing signs reduce the speed limit along FM 23-81 from 65mph to 55mph, then 35 miles per hour. 

District Superintendent John Lemons says the flashing lights warn drivers to slowdown from 7:15 to 8:30 in the morning and 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon.

Speedy Roadway Hazardous to Students
It's the second September for one Panhandle region high school and still no school zone. Newschannel 10's Julia Bagg explains what one agency is doing to change that. For hundreds of students at Bushland High School...the morning and afternoon traffic rush is a high-speed safety hazard....
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Bushland Traffic Slowing Down
Plans are now in place to slow down traffic in front of Bushland High School. Since we first told you about Bushland High School's need for a school zone, Tx-DOT engineers have met with the district superintendent to map out the details. According to Tx-DOT, students and other drivers can...
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Tx-DOT Says School Zone Signs on the Way
Bushland High School has been without a school zone since doors opened in 2005. In September Tx-DOT told us school zone signs would be up in October. But as of today those signs where still not in place. We asked Paul Braun at Tx-DOT about the delay, he tells us a backlog of projects is...
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