Travelers Return Home

Travelers are returning home after the long Thanksgiving holiday.

Hundreds flew into the airport in Amarillo Sunday and didn't have to worry about long lines.

Wait times are down thanks to passengers arriving early and following the new 3-1-1 rule, when it comes to carry-on liquids.

Under the policy, each passenger can only carry three ounces or less, in a one quart size clear bag.

"I think it was a success. I think it was a lot better than anticipated and that was due to the media attention and people really got it," says TSA Screening Manager Bill Tone.

The airport is preparing for the next busy holiday--Christmas-- which they hope is as successful.


"We hope the same. We hope we get the word out and I don't think anything will change from that time until now and hopefully we can keep that attention and focus on the general public and letting them know what's going on. I think we'll have a very good christmas holiday as well," says Tone.